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Celebrating Life and Love, and Odd Socks.

Written by Rose Hart and Elvira Grassia
Illustrations by Jan Hart

Socks go missing in the laundry all the time – but where do they go?

Join Malcolm, Petunia and all of their friends on their first imaginative and exciting journey into Sockland, the land of socks. Find out if lost socks are destined to be alone or can the community of Sockland accept a happily mismatched pair?

Set to publish on the oddest day of 2016 (February 29th), An Odd Sock Story is undoubtedly the most courageous children’s story of the year. Its narrative respectfully addresses some of the most challenging social issues of today, while its imaginative, vibrant illustrations bring a never-before-seen Sockland to life.

About the Authors
Rose Hart, a singer-songwriter from London, and Elvira Grassia, a pre-kindergarten teacher from New York, co-authored An Odd Sock Story as a fun and informative way to help children learn that families come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes.